standing on scales

Achieving a Healthy Weight

childs hand grabbing food

Children's Nutrition & Health

vegetables on table

Whole Food Meal Planning

heavily pregnant woman

Preconception & Pregnancy Nutrition

teen leaning on wall

Adolescent Nutrition & Healthy Eating Habits

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Improving Energy & Vitality


Improving Digestion & Gut Health

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Nutrition for People with Disabilities

tea on table with spoon and lemon

Boosting Immune System Health

bread and wheat on table

Food Allergies & Intolerances

man holding sore leg

pain & inflammatory conditions

woman holding red hot water bottle

Women's Health & Hormones

women holding toddler in field

Coeliac Disease and Autoimmune Diseases

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improving Skin health (eczema, acne)

person taking blood pressure

Hypertension and High Cholesterol

stressed woman hand on head

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

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Managing Thyroid Conditions

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Diabetes Management & Healthy Ageing

How I can Help


Nutrition Consultations

Individualised and comprehensive in-clinic consultations where we discuss your health and nutrition goals and come up with a holistic treatment plan together.


Dietary Analysis Reports

A detailed analysis of your current diet and  the nutritional quality of what you are eating. This report identifies potential areas for improvement to help you achieve your goals.


Bio Impedance Analysis

A comprehensive review of your body composition to help you track your health and nutrition goals, including body fat, muscle mass, and hydration. 


Practitioner Only Supplementation 

Food is medicine and will always be our starting point, however sometimes high quality practitioner only supplementation can help you reach your goals. 


Healthy Lifestyle Advice

There are many ways we can look after mind and body by making healthy choices in our daily routines and simple swaps in our household and skin care products.


Clinical & Functional Pathology Testing

There are many testing options available these days to help us find out the root causes of your health concerns and ensure positive outcomes.  


Group Nutrition Workshops

Would you like to host a workshop a specific nutrition topic at your workplace, community group or social gathering? We love to talk about any topic you would like.


Shopping Tours

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the aisles of the supermarket? Need help reading labels, finding healthier swaps, or adopting a new way of eating. Let us simplify things for you.


Home Visits (Upon Request)

Is it easier for you to discuss your health and nutrition goals in the comfort of your own home? Would you like help reviewing your kitchen pantry and fridge?