Free discovery phone call


10 Minutes

What's involved?

If you've looked through my website and still aren't sure, we can always book in a time to have a quick chat on the phone. You can let me know what you want help with and I'll run through how I might be able to help. I want you to feel comfortable before you book in.

Initial Consult


60 Minutes

What's involved?

This is our first appointment together and allows us to get to know each other, discuss your health priorities and what has brought you to see me. We will delve into your health history, current diet and lifestyle habits, any recent test results you have brought, and your health goals in detail. A range of in-clinic tests are also able to be completed with your consent (some at an additional charge which will be discussed with you first). At the end of this session we will book in a treatment plan consultation 1-2 weeks later so that a comprehensive and individualised treatment plan can be tailored to you.

Treatment Plan Consult


45 Minutes

What's involved?

This appointment takes place 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation. An individualised treatment plan will be provided to you which summarises your health goals, dietary advice, lifestyle suggestions, supplementation recommendations (if required) and any referrals that may be needed for follow-up testing. Together we will discuss how achievable this plan is and identify solutions to any potential barriers you can think of. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and make sure that everything is achievable for you.

Follow-Up Consult


45 Minutes

What's involved?

This appointment takes place around 2-4 weeks after your treatment plan consultation. It allows us to discuss the results of any new tests you have undertaken, and review the progress you have made so far with your treatment plan. We will celebrate your successes and make adjustments to any aspects of your plan. We will also discuss the next steps to help you to continue achieving your goals. Any supplements prescribed can be re-purchased and if any additional resources such as extra meal planning ideas are needed, this can be arranged for you.

Review Consult


30 Minutes

What's involved?

These appointments are recommended every 4-6 weeks (for as long as you need) and allow us to monitor your progress and continue working on your health goals together. It's important that the positive changes you have made so far are able to be maintained. These shorter appointments can take place in the clinic, or over the phone, Skype or Zoom if you prefer. They are a great way to expand on your current health knowledge, make tweaks to your diet and lifestyle habits, and enable you to continue to feel your best. New goals can also be addressed as they arise.

Nutrition Check-In Package

$357 $269

What's involved?

The nutrition check-in package is a great way to pinpoint what's working and not working in your current diet and provide you with tools to help you achieve your health goals.

This package includes:

1 x 60 minute consult (valued at $130) and 1 x 45 minute consult (valued at $90) either in-clinic or online via Skype or Zoom.

In the first session we will discuss your health history, current eating habits and food diary (that you complete beforehand) as well as your lifestyle and daily routine.

A physical examination will be offered (in-clinic clients only) which includes height, weight, waist:hip ratio, body composition scan (valued at $29), blood pressure, tongue and nail analysis.

At the second session, I will provide you with a nutritional analysis report (valued at $79) and show you areas where improvements can be made to optimise your diet and overall health. A breakdown of macro and micro nutrients will be provided.

I will also provide you with a 7-day meal planner with recipe suggestions (valued at $29) targeted at the nutrients you need to incorporate more of in your diet.

Stay Well Mini Consult


What's involved?

A 15 minute phone or Zoom consult to help you and your family STAY WELL.

It is so important that we look after our health in these uncertain times, both physically and mentally. Why not book in for a 1:1 chat with me from the comfort of your home. I can provide personalised nutrition advice to suit your individual situation.

Best suited for: Coughs/colds/flu, immune boosting advice, fatigue, stress, or other acute health or digestive concerns.

Cost: $30 (supplements, herbal remedies and postage extra). Payments will be taken over the phone. Free delivery within 5km of Springwood.

Body Composition Scan


What's involved?

Come in to clinic for a quick and easy body composition scan using our bio-impedance analysis machine. You will receive a rating of your body fat, lean muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, muscle quality and more.

Your data will be saved to a personal online account. You will be able to view your results from an app on your phone or on your computer. Alternatively, an email will be sent to you after your scan with all of your measurements and ratings. This will enable you to review and track any changes over time.

WHAT NEXT? Complete Your New Patient Form & Diet Diary

In preparation for your first appointment, a new patient form will be sent to you. Please be assured that all of your health information and personal details are held in the strictest confidence.

The information you provide assists us to provide the highest level of care and ensures we address your individual needs.

You will also receive a diet diary to record everything you eat and drink for at least 5 days before you attend your first appointment. Please provide as much detail as possible (times, portions, brands etc) so that we can tailor your treatment plan and meal planning suggestions to your needs.


Please bring your completed new patient form and diet diary to your first appointment. You are also welcome to email these through beforehand to

It is also recommended that you bring along any relevant pathology/test results you have.

Feel free to jot down any questions so that we can also discuss these during your appointment.